we're all a little mad here

i am whatever you want me to be i'm just a mystery wrapped up in an enigma

See the humour in things

The compliment: “She’s a talented, beautiful, strong young woman and an amazing belieber”

Now someone had to go reference me as an ape. That can be construed as one of the most offensive and horrible comments to make towards someone. On the other hand I am channeling that negativity into something more positive. I get hate because of the people I support and who inspires me. I’d rather be inspired by people who are positive, have the biggest hearts, insanely talented. People can just deal. I have two huge performances in a couple weeks focusing on that.
I must be a threat cause otherwise they wouldn’t care so much what I do and wouldn’t be so threatened.
Just some thoughts

#15Days away from #Trauma new number Alice in Wonderland! #excited
#Friday October 17 #nocover at Ace of Cups in #Columbus come out and support #ColumbusBurlesqueCollective and get a sneak peek at a few #Trauma numbers #burlesque #performance #dance #Halloween #pinup

I am so thankful for all of the birthday wishes via FB, twitter, email, tumblr. Another cool thing was getting birthday wishes from not only my favourite actor but fashion designer as well. It was an amazing day and just thank you all. Now preparing for runway shows and performing October is going to be so busy!!

My very own knight :) #RenaissanceFair
"She said yes"
Leanne M photography #Photoshoots #fashion
#Trauma two new numbers, new costuming, new choreography a lot of work these past few months can’t wait #Halloween #masquerade #circus #StarsDance #parties