we're all a little mad here

i am whatever you want me to be i'm just a mystery wrapped up in an enigma

Tonight at #LittleRockBar I am performing with the Columbus Burlesque Collective for #FeMMeFest all proceeds go to #OAESV please visit www.oaesv.org for more info #giveback #burlesque #dance #perform
I’m lucky enough that I can wake up next to my best friend every morning <3

Watch "Cin City Burlesque accepts the ALS ice bucket chal" on YouTube

Cin City Burlesque accepts the ALS ice bucket chal:

I’ve performed shows with these ladies go girls!!!

Performance/Appearance Schedule

August 31
Little Rock Bar
Columbus, OH

September 12
Wexner Arts Center
Screening for Burlesque documentary eXposed

September 19
Boob Thirty
Ace of Cups
Performing/pre birthday bash
Columbus, OH

look what I saw in the window as I went past #MagnoliaThunderpussyRecords that’s us!! #ColumbusBurlesqueCollective #FeMMeFest #OAESV #flyers #ShortNorth
How we generally sleep at night